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  • Learn simple practices of mindful, spiritual, and intentional meditation. 
  • Transform your life by learning subconscious reprogramming.
  • A reference guide to simple everyday meditations that can be done anytime of day.
  • Inspirational words of encouragement and daily mantras that can change your mood and thought pattern.
  • Helpful resources and links to get you started on your own meditation journey.  


 I am here to help!!  My hope is that by sharing my journey thus far, through the practice of meditation and shifting the subconscious mind, you too can begin to break the cycles of defeat and live a better life of contentment, joy and purpose, the life God created you to have!  


You can also access through this blog all the everyday things that I enjoy.  Recipes, DIY’s, Gardening tips and other sources of fun and relaxing things.  I believe we find our greatest contentment in not only the things we enjoy, but sharing it with others!