#july4thblogparty – 4th of July DIY Centerpiece for Under $25!!

4th of July DIY Centerpiece
Create a centerpiece for your 4th of July table for under $25

This project is how to create a 4th of July DIY Centerpiece for under $25!

Unlike other major holidays, Independence Day isn’t really known for fancy dinnerware, fine china and a lot of thought or planning into decorating for the occasion. 

Sure flags are hung, and gatherings are centered around cookouts, fireworks, and pretty red, white and blue desserts and beverages.  But very little thought, effort or time is put into making a pretty table to celebrate the American day of Freedom!!!   


If you’re like me, you have heard lots of great things about barbeque smokers, but wasn’t sure if you wanted to invest in one.   I have always loved the taste of hickory and mesquite, but just wasn’t sure I wanted to invest money into another outdoor grill, more so because of the limited space on Read More

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Chicken pot pie is one of those comfort foods that once in your head, you can’t stop dreaming of until it hits your taste buds!!  I’m not sure if it’s the rich gravy, flaky pie crust, or the wholesome filling array of vegetables, chicken and potatoes that leave you with the feeling of complete satisfaction!  What I do know is that once you’ve mastered this amazing comfort food, it quickly becomes a family favorite! 

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Is there anything more delicious than a Philly Cheese Steak when you’re in the mood for a good hearty sub?? I remember attempting these for several years, and it just wasn’t as good as the restaurants.  And though I tried different variations of meat cuts and sub rolls, I just couldn’t seem to master the Read More

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Polish Kapusta and Ruskie Pierogi. (Sauerkraut/cheese) Growing up with a mother that was 100% Polish,  traditional Polish meals were once a week supper for our family.  Pierogi and stuffed cabbage were just two of the many dishes made often in my home.   My mother was fortunate enough to have her maternal grandparents live in her Read More

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