#july4thblogparty – 4th of July DIY Centerpiece for Under $25!!

4th of July DIY Centerpiece
Create a centerpiece for your 4th of July table for under $25

This project is how to create a 4th of July DIY Centerpiece for under $25!

Unlike other major holidays, Independence Day isn’t really known for fancy dinnerware, fine china and a lot of thought or planning into decorating for the occasion. 

Sure flags are hung, and gatherings are centered around cookouts, fireworks, and pretty red, white and blue desserts and beverages.  But very little thought, effort or time is put into making a pretty table to celebrate the American day of Freedom!!!   

Well I managed to gather a few things I had around the house, left over scrap wood, a can of spray paint, and then made a trip to the dollar store and managed to make an AWESOME festive table top centerpiece for under 25 clams!! The best part is, it’s sturdy and can be used year after year. 

It was simple and made in half an afternoon.

Let’s get to it!!

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small glue gun 1 pine or press board that measures 1″x24″x38″ (but consider the table size your piece is entended for).

1 can of white spray paint and 1 can of silver spray paint

1 can of silver spray paint –  (to paint the the glass star candle holders. I liked the silver to offset all the red, white and blue, but you can use whatever your preference is.)

a nail gun (or small nails and a hammer)



2 glass bowls,

2 small glass taper candle holders

4 glass star candy dishes

4 red/white/blue candles or anything that’s similar

container for a small flower arrangement (I liked the metal flower pot oval tin that I just spray painted over the “Flower/garden” front emblem)

one small foam floral block 

5 or 6 floral flower picks (I used red roses and white small spray picks)

a utensil caddie. (I had a metal one at the house and I spray painted it silver to match the floral box)

1 American wood sign

1 small piece of felt

any other festive decorations you’d like to fill in the empty spots. I found some great patriotic bows, metal star pick, and styrofoam picks, and star garland and ribbon



My husband is a “wood guy” and what I mean by that is he does many projects around the house using wood of all kind. 

We happened to have a nice piece of pine board from another project and it was the perfect length for the center of my table! 

He also had a smaller piece that was 1″x2″x4″ that he cut into small blocks to give the centerpiece a little lift.

Use a nail gun to attach 4 short legs at each end and 2 more in the center for stability. 

Attaching the small block legs
My husband used his nail gun to attach 6 small legs cut from a wood scrap.

Next, I used white spray paint to paint the top and legs, and let it dry for an hour or so outside.

Take silver spray paint to paint both the flower container and the utility caddie, as well as the 4 glass stars..

silver spray paint for the glass star dishes
A quick spray paint of silver over the glass stars.


While waiting for everything to be completely dry, I cut a small circle of felt to go over the tops of my small glass candle holders so that the bowls would securely attach well to the holders, to create a small pedestal.   


pedestal dish
a small piece of felt is glued between the base and the foot to ensure the hot glue stays adhered.

Hot glue some ribbon around the perimeter of the bowl, and then add the patriotic bow to the front of each to give it some festive color. 

Once all my spray painted pieces were dry, I glued the floral block into the bottom of oval tin and began to arrange my flowers.  Then added a metal star pick and a few styrofoam stars to finish it off.  Who knew simple red, white and blue could be so pretty and eye catching!!


4th of july floral arrangement
Can you believe this may have $8 tops in the entire arrangement?




Putting the whole thing together.
Putting the whole thing together.

I used my floral arrangement as my center anchor and built it around that. 

Add the American sign in front of the centerpiece to create an easy eye focal point.


Center of the board
Floral arrangement is the focal point.

Added the two snack pedestals to each side, the utensil caddie on one end, and left the other end open for room for plates or whatever. 


utensil caddie and candles
Utensil caddie

Balanced out the star dish candles on each side and then added my garland and little flags for detail.  Then just add whatever snacks or candies you’d like to your dishes and fill up your utensil caddie!

So simple, so easy, and it only took me half an afternoon from start to finish!

I am pretty pleased with how it turned out, since it was a quick project that I decided to make last minute. 

Finished project
Finished table top centerpiece.

You can be used year after year because the base is sturdy and it’s easy to tuck away and stored.  You can make it on a budget! 

Because I had a few things around the house already, I was able to make this for $23 and some change! That is SUPER cheap for a reusable table centerpiece!! So there ya go!!  A 4th of July centerpiece for under $25!

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Happy 4th of July and cheers to making it pretty!!

4th of July DIY Centerpiece
Create a centerpiece for your 4th of July table for under $25/1