Welcome! My name is Maria, and I am so happy you have made your way to my little corner of cyberspace!  Whether you landed here by accident or clicked your way here via Pinterest or Instagram, I hope your visit leaves you inspired, or at the very least, leaving with a new recipe, new idea or new perspective.

DropsofJupiterforyou is a lifestyle blog, sharing all of my favorite things.  I spent several months trying to nail down a specific niche before creating this blog website, but the truth is, I have too many hobbies and interests that I am passionate about to be able to narrow it down to just one!!   I chose dropsofjupiterforyou as my blog title because I am a die-hard “Train” fan for one, and “Drops of Jupiter” is one of my favorite songs by them.  It reminds me of my mother who passed away in 2016. Pat Monahan wrote that song for his mother that passed away, and the lyrics just resonated with me.   I think of drops of jupiter as little “drops of wisdom.” Originally “Drops of Jupiter was my first choice as a website name, but Mr. Monahan snagged it first to promote his own wine brand. dropsofjupiterforyou was the closest title to that. 

Abit About Me


I just turned the BIG half-century birthday in August of 2018!  I have been married 30yrs this July. I am the proud Mom of 4 kids, 3 boys (33, 28, 26) and 1 daughter that’s 19.  She started college this past fall of 2018, and I am finally experiencing life as an empty nester!   I also have 4 beautiful grandchildren that range from almost 12-3 and until this past fall, I cared for my 2 older girls, and my youngest granddaughter, on and off. 

At age 50, I have decided to share all the years of what being a wife and mom has taught me via this blog! I have had many years of living the domesticated life.  It’s a season of mixed emotions, reflecting often of my purpose, now that my day to day life has changed, after 3+ decades of being the caretaker of my family.

One thing I am certain of is that I’m ready to start a new chapter in life, rediscovering what my passions, interests, and strong-suits are, and sharing them here, with all of you!

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My vision for the site

-Having a mother that was 100% Polish, I grew up with a Mom that loved to cook, and true to her heritage, was dang good at it! That love was passed on to me, and having 3 boys and a husband that LOVES to eat, cooking has always been part of my daily routine.  I absolutely LOVE watching others enjoy a dish I have created, and over the years have developed quite a large collection of great recipes!  I spent 3 years solely cooking for my son’s high school football team every week and also spent a few years cooking and serving a homeless ministry.  In that time I developed quite a few recipes for serving a crowd! 

– I have also been quite passionate about gardening through the years, and like most hobbies, have become pretty savvy with years of practice, trial and error.  I find genuine happiness in watching something grow from nothing and grow everything from vegetables to herbs, to tropical plants and lots of Aloe, because the uses are endless.

I am also a  bird lover, small parrots specifically and am now the proud bird mom of 4 Green Cheek Conures (2 are pineapple mutations)  and 1 very sassy Quaker parrot. I also fostered a milli-gold Macaw this last summer but unfortunately, that ended up not working out because my grandson was terrified of him.   I look forward to becoming a small parrot breeder in the near future.

“I am quite a sun lover and spend lots of time on the gulf side of western Florida. We hope to call St. Petersburg, FL home in the very near future.   I have a love for travel (who isn’t right?)  I look forward to sharing many of my favorite spots here as well.

“I’m also a sucker for upcycling old treasures, from furniture to clothing, and that’s something I plan on sharing here as well. It may be quite apparent now why I have chosen dropsofjupiterforyou as a LIFESTYLE blog.  I am too passionate to choose just ONE interest to share here at my site. 

Closing thoughts

I am constantly in awe of all the fabulous blogs, tips, tricks and inspiration out there at our fingertips!  And my hope is that by sharing all of my day to day recipes, gardening/DIY tips, traveling experiences, and bits of encouragement and inspiration, I can contribute to making simple life just a bit easier, as well as encourage others that are in need of just a little help with everyday life! 

I am both honored and thrilled that you have landed here at my site! 

I am a true lover of people and look forward to making lots of new friends along the way.  I’d love to hear from you, whether it’s with a question, or just to say hello! 

Subscribe to my page, and let’s begin a new friendship! 

Thanks SO MUCH for stopping by!