About Me:

Hello, and thank you for stopping by my page!!!   

 I am Maria.  A Virginia native, wife and mother to 4 children.  (3 boys and 1 daughter) and have 4 beautiful grandchildren. 

After turning the BIG 5-0 in August of 2018, (Leo proud!) 

I decided to pursue a long time desire to create a website where I could share all my everyday lifestyle  recipes, gardening, and DIY projects that 30yrs of marriage as well as 33 yrs of parenting taught me and that’s when I created “Dropsofjupiterforyou” an everyday lifestyle blog.   

It did not take me very long to realize after only a dozen or so posts, that my heart was urging me to share more than just everyday life tasks. 


 I had a constant feeling of  “something missing” with every post I published and the more I meditated on it and listened to my heart, the stronger the urge became to share more of ME…. More of the last few years of  my life’s journey after the death of my mother in March of 2016, and how I found my way back after 3 yrs of deep despair. 


And that is when Dropsofjupiterforyou was transformed into Heartfelt Mindshift.   Though I have decided to keep the site a resource for recipes, gardening tips, DIY and favorite traveling places (all of the things I absolutely LOVE in life!)   

I have chosen to dedicate a great bit of my posts to Inspiration/Encouragement and to share with others how I made a “mindshift” and learned the practice of meditation that  led me out of a place of sadness, solitude and despair after 3 yrs of losing myself to grief with the passing of my mother.    


My heartfelt goal for the content on this site is to encourage, inspire and bring hope along with   LIFE CHANGING solutions to all that walk this planet lost, discouraged and seeking a life of abundance, peace of mind and gratitude.   

This comes easier than one thinks, once they are open to change and have a willingness to no longer remain STUCK!   This comes with a shifting of the mind and everyday habits that keep you in a cycle of hopelessness. 


This site is compiled of all my favorite things.  Encouragement, recipes as well as DIY and gardening tips from time to time.

You can find encouraging posts here.  You can also check out some of my favorite recipes here.


Should you find any or all of the content here useful, I hope you will bookmark this site and come back often for updated meditations, words of encouragement and mind transformation that will help you get back in the game of life and live to your fullest potential!!   

I believe it is our moral human obligation to share and encourage others that walk our previous path and bring light to those in a place of darkness.   I feel honored and blessed to be able to share with others a source of encouragement to all who end up here!!   


Much love,

Maria XO