5 INCREDIBLE and SIMPLE meditations for the new beginner

Beginner meditation
Beginner Meditation

Here’s a guide to 5 incredible and simple meditations for the new beginner.

I have been through many sites and I find these the easiest to practice as well as have the greatest effect, especially if you are just beginning meditation.

1.  Let’s begin with Michael SealeyMichael is a trained and certified hypnotherapist from Queensland Australia. 

All of his  guided meditations can be found everywhere, from YouTube, to Amazon music and he even has a podcast that’s on Spotify.

Michael’s soothing voice has the ability to calm your mind and grasp your focus to experience an easy meditation session. 

His YouTube channel has countless hypnosis sessions as well as guided meditations you can find for nearly every circumstance. 

I have listened to many of his guided meditations at bedtime. 

And YEP……He even has meditation to help with insomnia!

This is in my top 5 because it’s only 12 minutes!  Therefore it’s the perfect amount of time when you’re just starting out.


You can check out his YouTube channel here and subscribe.


2. The second is a more spiritual meditation by focusing on Gods promises and principals by the The Mindful Christian.

It calmed me many days when I wasn’t sure I could get through the day in the months following my mom’s passing.

This is a great meditation for beginners and is also useful if you need a meditation to calm yourself of panic or anxiety.

It’s a faith focused meditation that gently reminds you to focus on your breath and is perfect for the beginner that tends to have a mind that easily drifts away. 

are many great meditations here on centering your focus, and on being present with God and staying in the moment with this channel.

You can also find out more about The Mindful Christian by checking out their blog at 

The Mindful Christian YouTube channel can be found here.



3. Third on the list is a great night meditation for sleep and pain relief.   

This is a guided meditation by Christian Thomas at Meditation Vacation YouTube channel and vlog. 

This meditation is quite effective for insomnia or trouble sleeping because of chronic pain. 

In less than 25 minutes you’re able to relax both your thoughts and your body to drift off into a natural good night’s sleep. 

Christian’s website also has a store of many great inexpensive meditations covering many topics and practice focuses.  



4. This stress relieving meditation by Frequency21 is a simple guided meditation on focusing on your breath and being heart centered while relieving stress and resting in peace. 

Being only 22 minutes long, you can use this great beginners meditation as your morning ritual, a quick mental reboot on your lunch hour, or a great way to end your day before bed. 




I have saved the BEST for last!!

5.    It would be a great disservice to begin to learn the practice of meditation without the mention of the most amazing, incredible Dr. Wayne Dyer!! 

Though best known for his New York times best seller books on self-help and achieving happiness from within,  he is also noteworthy , for his many online guided meditations.

I have admittedly become a “Wayne Dyer” junkie journeying through the meditation world and of all the many great meditations I have come across, I keep going back to Wayne Dyer’s guided meditations.   

There are dozens to choose from.

Each brings something different and thought provoking.

But to chose just one to round up my five favorites for new beginners, my current morning mantra meditation and the way I start my day. 


 It has slowly and gradually changed my daily outlook, my mood, my perception and over all day.

I now make it my first priority of the day.


 It’s abit different then the others because it’s more of an affirmation meditation instead of a mindful one.


Just a few verses that loop 4x giving you the perfect 10 minutes of “feel goods” to begin your day.


 Check back on my site often for more great work by Wayne Dyer. He has been a tremendous inspiration to me!!



I hope you find these 5 great meditations useful.

May they inspire you to dig deeper into the incredible journey of meditating and unlocking peace and happiness through practice.


May it serve you in a way that opens your awareness to your greatness and purpose in this world!!!

If you’d like to read abit about what put me on my meditation journey, I have written a post  titled: “How the Practice of Meditation Amazingly changed my life.” that you can check out.

May your meditation journey bring you  enlightenment, joy and peace!








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