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Breaking Life Long Habits and Why Willpower doesn’t work.

Breaking Life Long habits and Why Will power doesn't work


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Breaking Life long habits!! A task that almost seems inconceivable at times.  It has taken me six months to fully understand about breaking life long habits and why willpower doesn’t work.  Finally, it is all starting to make sense, and I hope this post enlightens and serves you, as well as brings new perspective on a topic so frustrating.

How many times have you set a goal for yourself with every intention of accomplishing it and failed? 

And how many times have you beat yourself up for not being self integral (keeping your word to yourself) and wondered,“Why is this so hard?” 

You have had a desired a goal forever and often reflected on… WHY can’t I get it done already?” 

It could be a lifelong habit you want to be rid of, maybe drinking or biting your nails, or a personal goal like loosing weight. 

Or maybe a financial goal, such as having “X” amount of $$ in a savings by a certain time frame. 

Well it took me 51yrs, but I now know and understand why! 

And by the end of this post you’re going to understand too, and it just may take some of the guilt and pressure off abit and give you a new found hope!!  


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