Turn An Upcycled TV Curio cabinet into an Exotic Bird Aviary!! How clever is this up-cycle that was once an outdated curio cabinet entertainment center for a tv and is now a beautiful exotic small parrot aviary condominium!!  

After visiting nearly every thrift store in my town, in search of a sturdy piece of solid furniture that could be converted into a makeshift large bird cage for my pair of  conure parrots, I had accepted the fact that what I had in my mind may not exist. 

And then my neighbor (who owned her own thrift shop at the time) just happened to have the perfect solid wood entertainment curio come in her shop as a donation.

And not only was it what I had in mind, but it actually came with just the top half! 

This was better because there was less dismantling of the bottom half to begin building the beautiful parrot condominium! 


My husband, who is an auto technician by trade, has the incredible gift of a mechanical mind, and on top of that, the ability to pretty much make something out of nothing.


His grandfather was a woodworking genius, and it just clicked with my husband at a young age, watching his grandfather make beautiful things from wood.


Top of Curio

He built a solid square frame base to attach 4 wide sturdy legs. 


Because of the weight and size of the cabinet, we chose wide solid legs and cut them to the perfect size for the room it was going in to.


He also created a simple square box with an open flap shut lid to attach to the side wall that would serve as a nesting box for our bonded mating pair of conures. 

Leg assembly

It was now time to paint the entire outside of the cabinet.

A simple neutral color that resembled a light clay in tone.   

We also chose a semi-gloss for easy wipe downs and cleaning.

Two coats and it looked amazing!!  We added two simple brass hardware knobs. 

Aviary Frame

All that was left to do was make the playhouse inside.  I originally wanted to find a rainforest theme vinyl inlay for the back wall, but couldn’t find one I really liked. 

Instead, we went with a print and secured plexiglass for a finished look. 

 We found the perfect peel and stick vinyl flooring.

If you have ever owned parrots or any birds for that matter, you know their cage can become a MESS in a hot second!!  This has proven to be a great choice! 

Vinegar water, and it makes for simple cleaning. 

Lastly, my husband secured several pieces of driftwood that was collected from a small beach area nearby, along with several eye hooks to attach the toys.

What do you think?   

This lovely parrot condo is a year old this month, and it has held up very well!  We have swapped out our two sets of conure pairs, and both pairs are happy and active!

Aviary Inside

So what do you think?  And if you happen to be a parrot lover and owner, big or small, I would love for you to drop a photo of them down in the comments!My Crew!

  I currently have 2 Green Cheek conures, 2 pineapple conures, and 1 very noisy and sassy Quaker parrot!  5 and counting and most likely that number will change again!! 

Finished Project

Upcycled TV Curio cabinet into an Exotic Bird Aviary project complete!!


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